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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

"Begin…. start….. commence…. open…. There is something refreshing and optimistic about these words, whether they refer to the dawn of a new day, the birth of a child, the prelude of a symphony, or the first miles of a family vacation. Free of problems and full of promise, beginnings stir hope and imaginative visions of the future."

Thus, begins the introduction to Genesis in the Life Application Bible. And it’s true. And it also applies to the start of a new year. Today is New Year’s Day and people of various backgrounds, religions and life experiences look at New Year’s Day and the year ahead with an expectation of hope of a better year ahead. Many make resolutions to alter a life style or habit to help make that better year happen. Most of the time the resolutions and the hope that accompanied them are soon forgotten and the new year becomes the old year. All to be repeated again the next January.

I think we can find much hope in the creation story. In the first 3 chapters of Genesis (Friday’s reading), along with the history of creation we learn about some of the attributes of God. We find that God is super creative. He is eternal (something I have yet to comprehend – what is the number you can’t add 1 to?). God is in control – He placed Adam and Eve in the garden and then removed them from it. God gives us free will, but we learn there are consequences to our decisions. God has authority over Satan.

As I think about these characteristics of God from Genesis, I am filled with hope because we are obviously valuable to God since He chose to create us in the first place. And He prepared the Garden of Eden for us to live in – a literal heaven on earth. That alone illustrates true love on God’s part for us, His creation.

As we reflect back over God’s love, we can be reminded of the Hope we have in Him. Everyday we think of God and dwell on His Word, we can have the same hope and anticipation everyone else experiences on New Year’s Day. May we all have the New Year’s Day hope each and everyday in 2010.

May you have a blessed year ahead!